Hi! I’m Annie, aka “The Bae-Gal”

I’m 39 years old and for the last decade and a half I’ve been the owner and operator of our family owned Bagel Shop called The Bagel Grove.

I love the Bagel Grove, as does almost everyone else in our small community in Upstate New York. It’s a staple and we make damn good bagels. The only problem is, I kind of fell into, well actually married into, this career, when what I’ve always wanted is to be a writer. Hell, I’m not even a Grove. My now ex- husband’s parents started the business over 31 years ago and named if after themselves. But I was the only one committed enough to stick around, so now the only Groves left in Bagel Grove are my children. I have a new partner and a step son, and two dogs and our great big family love our bagel life. But for years, I still was unsatisfied, wanting more out of my life and my career.

Through an unexpected series of circumstances I discovered copywriting as a career. I used to think writing fiction or being a journalist were the only ways one could get paid to be a writer. Boy was I wrong!

I immediately started collecting clients and writing every day. I found that not only can I do what I love and get paid for it, I can scale my writing work so that I don’t have to give up the Bagel Grove immediately, but at the same time, develop an exit plan. That’s how I became the Bae-Gal.

Now, I’m using my love of writing and my experience running a business and everything the bagel shop throws at me to help me relate to clients and create really awesome copy.

I’ve even used my skills at copywriting to increase our sales at Bagel Grove and have created this really amazing life for myself and my family. As the Bae-Gal I want to share everything I’ve learned about sticking to something over the long haul and still getting to do what I love in the end. It took me a few decades to figure it all out, but now that I have, I won’t ever trade in the Bae-Gal life.